Decisions, Decisions.

I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. So much that it has to feel comfortable. I believe that a good work environment creates more productivity and higher quality work.

I have had many computers in my career. I have grown attached to Macintosh. It produces much higher quality graphics than a PC. In fact any creative material is always best made on a Mac. In my NY apartment, I had a Mac Pro with cinema screen that I ran an LLC from. I had a MIDI keyboard, mixer, microphone, cameras, scanner, pen tablet, and laser printer attached to it. It was a digital workstation. I used it to build websites, edit photos, make DJ mixes and just play with creativity.

Todd Hanlon Midi Keyboard

It was nothing for me to sit at my desk and get productive. It was actually inviting me to go to work when I was sitting on the couch. Unfortunately, when I moved to London I could not carry it so I sold it for less than market value. I had many Macs in my day – probably spent close to $10k. The first one I bought was the MacBook Pro. I paid about $3,000 cash for it when I realised that the new model was coming out in a week with the Intel chip. I couldn’t stream video and the MacBook I purchased was outdated before I even used it.

Granted, I bought a MacBook Air for abut $1900 in 2011 and it still works in 2020, though hanging on by a thread. I have all of my documents and images in iCloud. This comes in handy when I need to produce an official document in a meeting. I just search through my iCloud drive and I can hand it over without having to reschedule appointments. I make a change to a document on my laptop in Pages and it updates automatically in iPhone. Should my devices ever crash, everything is always backed up.

I find Mac Mail and Calendar much easier to use than MS products. I like the simplicity of the mail program. Calendar reminds me easily of upcoming events repetitively helping me avoid missing meetings.

The only thing I find advantageous of the PC is the price point. It is cost effective, so much that I have two laptops here from companies that probably don’t even notice I have them. Of course, they will be returned. I find that the PC is beneficial for an accountant or finance professional who may want to avoid the colourfulness of the Mac to help concentrate on the numbers.

Even then, Mac is more user friendly. I would much rather work on a Mac than a PC. This shows in the quality of my work as well as the timeliness of its completion. I believe that it helps workflow as bouncing back and forth becomes confusing.

Let’s Work Together


I’m currently in the job market for a full-time position in central London due to the current coronavirus pandemic. I hope to find a something new and exciting leading to a bright future. I am also open to freelance web design work with Wordpress.