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Apple vs. PC

Decisions, Decisions. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. So much that it has to feel comfortable. I believe that a good work environment creates more productivity and higher quality work. I have had many computers in my career. I have grown attached to Macintosh. It produces much higher quality graphics than a PC. In fact any creative material is always best made on a Mac. In my NY apartment, I had a Mac Pro with cinema screen that I ran an LLC from. I had a MIDI keyboard, mixer, microphone, cameras, scanner, pen tablet, and laser printer attached to

The Serviced Apartment Side Hustle

Can I Get a Break? It was around 2006 while I was studying full-time for a Bachelor's degree. I was really busy working 15 hour days most of the week. I was working in French fine dining which requires an immense amount of tenacity while also juggling the cross-country track team and building websites freelance. It knocked the wind out of me. Really. One night, I went on Craig's List and put an ad out for a roommate share. I had over 20 applications from people who came to see the apartment in the original ad posting. My first "roommate" was a Sicilian guy

Gaining EU Citizenship

Who was Manny Brown? I have learned to be an independent person with a lot of work ethic. I started working really young around 13 years old when I would go with my Grandfather to his Venetian Blind Showroom in the Bronx, New York. I would go one day per week - I wasn't really legal to work at that age, though it didn't really matter because I did not have that much to do. Grandpa really didn't like driving alone and wanted some company for the ride down. I think the most I did was answer a phone and say please hold.


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This is mainly a space to showcase my work. I specialise in Wordpress websites as well as PPC advertising.