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Rent Control 2024

Bring Back Rent Controls Have you had enough of unfair rent increases? Are you being intimidated in your own home from fear of your landlord? Join the London Renters Union to stand up for your rights. I did and we are rallying. We are getting together in May to build up momentum to reestablish Rent Controls in the UK. They were abolished in the 80s during Thatcherism. Recently, I left my Mezzanine flat on Kensington Gardens after four years. I had just finished decorating it, having painted the walls a crisp clean white. They had been off-white, almost brown from the many years that

Apple vs. PC

Decisions, Decisions. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. So much that it has to feel comfortable. I believe that a good work environment creates more productivity and higher quality work. I have had many computers in my career. I have grown attached to Macintosh. It produces much higher quality graphics than a PC. In fact any creative material is always best made on a Mac. In my NY apartment, I had a Mac Pro with cinema screen that I ran an LLC from. I had a MIDI keyboard, mixer, microphone, cameras, scanner, pen tablet, and laser printer attached to

The Serviced Apartment Side Hustle

Can I Get a Break? It was around 2006 while I was studying full-time for a Bachelor's degree. I was really busy working 15 hour days most of the week. I was working in French fine dining which requires an immense amount of tenacity while also juggling the cross-country track team and building websites freelance. It knocked the wind out of me. Really. One night, I went on Craig's List and put an ad out for a roommate share. I had over 20 applications from people who came to see the apartment in the original ad posting. My first "roommate" was a Sicilian guy

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