Bring Back Rent Controls

Have you had enough of unfair rent increases? Are you being intimidated in your own home from fear of your landlord? Join the London Renters Union to stand up for your rights. I did and we are rallying. We are getting together in May to build up momentum to reestablish Rent Controls in the UK. They were abolished in the 80s during Thatcherism.

Recently, I left my Mezzanine flat on Kensington Gardens after four years. I had just finished decorating it, having painted the walls a crisp clean white. They had been off-white, almost brown from the many years that they hadn’t been painted. This was an enormous amount of work as I had to give it at least three coats or more in the worst areas. I purchased all new furniture to match the “Treehouse” theme I was creating. I had a giant window that let in lots of light allowing for a lot of plants. All the furniture was wood based accentuating the vibrant greenery all around the flat. At night, I would climb up the stairs into my sanctuary for a good night’s sleep, until my landlord ruined it all.

I was due to sign another contract when I was told the rent was going up approximately £350 per month. This was on a few weeks notice, so I was financially unprepared. I had just booked a holiday to the South of France for two weeks so my savings was depleted. I was forced to ask my employer for a payday loan. They paid this though I don’t believe they were happy.

I moved into a new flat nearby in Paddington, London. The price is right about £1400 plus bills. Again, I moved into another property that was lacking refurbishments. The first week I was here I turned the stained patio walls into brilliant white, while adding water-resistant paint to the floors to keep out the damp and mould. I still had furniture in my last flat that I had to leave because I couldn’t fit it. This costs me a lot of money.

I began doing some research on parliamentary bills that supported tenants when I found the London Renters Union. They are an organisation that advocates for tenants rights. We are currently rallying for rent control and the end to Section 21 (“no-fault”) evictions. Several speakers were at the event giving some powerful facts to a hidden realty. Approximately 140,000 kids have never had a home before the age of 12 in England. That’s an astonishing number. There were guests in the crowd who were unable to secure housing because estate agents would not accept their benefits.

We are scheduling more rallies starting in May so please join us. Here is the link to the London Renters Union.

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