The Serviced Apartment Side Hustle

Can I Get a Break? It was around 2006 while I was studying full-time for a Bachelor's degree. I was really busy working 15 hour days most of the week. I was working in French fine dining which requires an immense amount of tenacity while also juggling the cross-country track team and building websites freelance. It knocked the wind out of me. Really. One night, I went on Craig's List and put an ad out for a roommate share. I had over 20 applications from people who came to see the apartment in the original ad posting. My first "roommate" was a Sicilian guy from Brooklyn that stayed for about three years. I continued to put up ads while studying having a total of ten roommates in that flat. Honestly, I have to say having an extra $15k a year was a great side hustle. I started to become dependant on the income. It was great money that funded a lot of my travels around the globe. I decided to continue toward an MBA in London. I rented out my NY flat and moved to London for a year. I rented one flat with a mate only to

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Gaining EU Citizenship

Who was Manny Brown? I have learned to be an independent person with a lot of work ethic. I started working really young around 13 years old when I would go with my Grandfather to his Venetian Blind Showroom in the Bronx, New York. I would go one day per week - I wasn't really legal to work at that age, though it didn't really matter because I did not have that much to do. Grandpa really didn't like driving alone and wanted some company for the ride down. I think the most I did was answer a phone and say please hold. My Grandpa was the nicest guy in my family, the one that everybody loved. He was working in that showroom probably up until his death as an old man. He would drive up from Rockland County in New York to the Bronx 5 days a week, working ten to twelve hour days. Villa Amore was our family's weekend hangout. It was an Italian restaurant in Upstate New York. I loved this place. It was Little Italy to the max. That's kind of a story in itself, though not really what this post is about.

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