Apple vs. PC

Decisions, Decisions. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. So much that it has to feel comfortable. I believe that a good work environment creates more productivity and higher quality work. I have had many computers in my career. I have grown attached to Macintosh. It produces much higher quality graphics than a PC. In fact any creative material is always best made on a Mac. In my NY apartment, I had a Mac Pro with cinema screen that I ran an LLC from. I had a MIDI keyboard, mixer, microphone, cameras, scanner, pen tablet, and laser printer attached to it. It was a digital workstation. I used it to build websites, edit photos, make DJ mixes and just play with creativity. It was nothing for me to sit at my desk and get productive. It was actually inviting me to go to work when I was sitting on the couch. Unfortunately, when I moved to London I could not carry it so I sold it for less than market value. I had many Macs in my day - probably spent close to $10k. The first one I bought was the MacBook Pro. I